Paediatric Cardiology

The goals of pediatric cardiology training include the acquisition of cognitive and procedural expertise needed to provide high-quality care to the fetus, infant, and child with congenital and acquired cardiovascular disease and the adult with congenital heart disease, along with the acquisition of the academic skills to make meaningful scholarly contributions to the specialty and to develop the capacity for career-long self-education beyond the years of formal training. The 2005 training guidelines emphasized the “time” (ie, the number of months or procedures) devoted to a particular “topic.” Since then, competency-based training has become the general framework for medical education and is utilized in this report.

Our revised training recommendations describe the program resources and environment that are required for training pediatric cardiology fellows, together with a competency-based system , to implement specific goals and objectives for training pediatric cardiology fellows. This system categorizes competencies into 6 core competency domains:

  • Medical Knowledge,
  • Patient Care and Procedural Skills,
  • Systems-Based Practice,
  • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement,
  • Professionalism, and
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills, along with identification of suggested evaluation tools for each domain.

Competencies unique to general pediatric cardiology training, along with suggested evaluation tools, are listed in Section 3 (see the “2015 SPCTPD/ACC/AAP/AHA Training Guidelines for Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Programs [Revision of the 2005 Training Guidelines for Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Programs]: Introduction” for additional competencies and evaluation tools that apply to all Task Force reports).

The training of pediatric cardiology fellows builds on the clinical and academic skills acquired during residency training. Pediatric cardiology fellows should have a broad exposure to the spectrum of inpatient, outpatient, and consultative activities as outlined in the following text, including cardiovascular manifestations of other organ system disorders and preventive cardiology.

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